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dc.contributorCasas Soler, Marc
dc.contributorSerra Ferrer, Montserrat
dc.contributor.authorJusto Esteban, Carlos Rodrigo
dc.description.abstractABSTRACT: Introducction: Subacromial pain syndrome is a problem with a hight adult prevalence and the most common nontraumatic shoulder pathology, wich sometimes includes tendinopathy. This review inclued clinical trials wich had discussed excentric efectiveness in patients with this syndrome, other studies supported this type of exercise to treat lower limbs tendons because its benefict in terms of pain reduction, funcionality improve and sthrengthening. Objetive: Determining the eccentric exercise efectiveness in patients with subacromial pain syndrome. Method: A bibliographic research was carried out in PubMed and PEDro databases. Results: Eccentric exercise was significantly effective (P<0.05) in terms of pain, functionality and strength, but only significant differences between groups were found in half of the publications that make up the review. Discussion: It can be assumed that eccentric exercise was effective in pain decrease, funcionality and strenght improvement, but its not certain that this therapy was a better option than shock waves, percutaneous electrolysis or alternative exercise programs. Conclusions: Eccentric exercise is a useful tool in terms of pain, funcionality and strenght. There are no clear improvement findings differences with patients wich follow other treatment that have been proved
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
dc.subjecttendinopathy, subacromial impingement, rotator cuff, exercise, eccentric, eccentric exerciseca
dc.subject.classification2Línies de treball::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Estudis sobre el grans "conceptes" en la teràpia manual i Exercici terapèutic actualca
dc.titleEfectividad de ejercicios excéntricos en adultos con síndrome de dolor subacromial revisión bibliográficaca
dc.typeBachelor thesisca
dc.rights.accessRestricted accessca
dc.subject.lemacEspatlles -- Malalties -- Tractamentca
dc.subject.lemacArticulació escapulohumeral -- Ferides i lesionsca
dc.subject.lemacExercici terapèuticca
dc.description.typeRevisió bibliogràficaca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Complex articular de l'espatlla (CAE) [regió o sistema]ca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Tendó [regió o sistema]ca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Procés degeneratius osteoarticular [condició de salut]ca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Tendopatia [condició de salut]ca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Escala Visual Analògica (EVA) [eina d'avaluació]ca
dc.subject.classification3Descriptors::Fisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)::Exercicis Excèntrics [estratègia de tractament]ca
dc.subject.classificationFisioteràpia::Sistema Musculoesquelètic(SME) i osteo-articular(OA)ca

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
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