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dc.contributorFranch Parella, Jordi
dc.contributor.authorCarmona Hernandez, Gemma
dc.descriptionTreball de recerca sobre el context econòmic de l'Oest d'Alemanyaca
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research is to analyze the German business model from an outsider perspective, so it can be understood from the historical background of the country first businesses structures to the current days. During the development of this study many aspects will be considered in order to have a complete image of the business culture in Germany which, to be more specific, it is going to be focused on the area of South-Western Germany. The state called Baden-Württemberg, with Stuttgart as its capital, is one of the country’s strongest and most competitive business regions when it comes to high-tech research and investment. Bosch, Daimler or Metabo are just some examples of these global companies that either have production sites in Baden-Württemberg, or are based there, along with many successful, small and mid-sized companies. As a result, they contribute to Baden-Württemberg's excellent reputation as one of the economic powerhouses of Europe. To know the reason why this area is such an example when it comes to follow the business model, it is necessary to understand how German history, politics, economics and culture have influenced on it. So the structure of the following paper is meant to be an analysis headed by a general historical approach on the creation of the country that we know today (highlighting the key points of the reformation guided by Martin Luther, the economic crisis after the wars, the division of Germany and the final reunification). All this information will be used to show the steps that lead the business success in the region and to finally come up with the key points that made the German business model one of the most efficient in the
dc.subjectAlemanya, història, política, econòmica, aspectes socials, german business modelca
dc.titleBusiness culture in South-Western Germany: Baden-Württemberg analysisca
dc.typeBachelor thesisca
dc.rights.accessRestricted accessca
dc.subject.lemacEmpreses -- Alemanyaca
dc.subject.lemacEmpreses -- Alemanya -- Estudi de casosca
dc.subject.lemacDesenvolupament econòmic -- Alemanyaca
dc.description.typeProjecte de recercaca

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